Steven Lewis


Session Bassist
📍 Cheshire

Steven has been playing rhythm guitar since he was 7 and piano since he was 9, along with some ukulele. Fast-forward a few years, and Steven’s girlfriend noticed he would always sing along to music in a bass harmony instead of following the melody. A short trip to the music shop, and his bass-playing career began…

Finding this to be his most natural form of musical expression, Steven soon established his own distinct style, which is melodic as much as it is an anchor for a rhythm section.

In the studio, Steven is easy to work with, adaptable and able to tailor his playing to suit the project at hand, enabling him to work in a range of different genres.

With performance credits including the Cavern Club in Liverpool, the Acoustic Festival of Britain and the Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival, along with BBC radio sessions, Steven benefits from a wealth of live experience. He makes an exceptionally great addition to solo acoustic performers, with his natural playing style adding weight and movement to any set.


Woodlight by Venus Rising with Steven Lewis on Bass