Simon Trought


Mastering Engineer
📍 London

Simon has a wealth of experience, rooted in writing and producing music on 4-track tape machines in the 1980s through to current hi-fi commercial recordings and productions. After 5 years of art school, he went on to design, build and work in a number of studios, including his current base, Soup Studio on the Thames.

Simon’s passion for the science of sound, paired with his eclectic taste in music, means that he is constantly engaged in and adapting to trends in both technology and musical styles. When mastering, Simon’s aim is to sonically identify the emotional pulse of the song and subtly enhance the listener’s response and enjoyment, thereby inviting them into the music, without radically adjusting the mix.

Now that a lo-fi folk song can sit loud and proud and sound as prominent as a banging dance track on streaming platforms, we can enjoy the sonic and artistic merits of all types of music all on the same playlist. That in itself means music must be treated sympathetically to ensure it can live next to many different artists, styles and genres, which is something Simon takes great care in achieving with his masters.

What Is The Mastering Process?

Mastering has always been an important aspect of releasing music, but since the age of digital streaming, it is more vital than ever, as your music will sit shoulder to shoulder with everyone else’s.

Simply put, mastering is the final stage before release. The goal is to retain the quality of the finished mix whilst tastefully bringing it up to the levels of a professional release. Consideration is given to the full spectrum of the EQ, width and dynamics of the work, as well as the colour, flavour and tonality, both for your individual tracks and the continuous listening experience of your album or EP.

How Do I Get My Track Or Album Mastered?

Please send a highest-quality WAV file of your stereo mix or mixes. It’s worth checking that the WAV file is the same sample rate and bit depth (e.g. 48kHz 24bit) as the mixing project within your DAW. If you have been working with a limiter on the DAW output, feel free to send a bounce of this as a reference, but please remove any final limiting from the actual WAV file to be mastered.

Please let us know the intended release format and platforms, as there are different considerations to take into account for vinyl, CD and/or streaming releases. Please ensure all files are properly labelled with artist name, track title and album/EP/single title.

It’s worth considering whether you want any instrumental or alternate versions (e.g. radio edits) mastered alongside your main tracks.

What’s most helpful is sending reference tracks and notes on how they relate to your project. Please also let us know what turnaround time you are looking for or if you have a specific deadline.


“Thank you very much for your work on the EP, we are very pleased with the results. Please thank Simon on our behalf, he has done a great job!”
Manu Arteaga, Producer, The Blue Yellows

“Delighted! It just has a lovely amount of warmth to it.”
Skeet Williams, Guitarist, Jackson Williams


Down the Road by The BeauBowBelles (Pre-Master to Master at 0:16)
Start a Fight by Thelma Ball (Pre-Master to Master at 0:10)
Where Is the Lorax? by The Blue Yellows (Pre-Master to Master at 0:13)
Everyone by Captain Stingray’s Groove Machine (Pre-Master to Master at 0:15)