Laura-Jane Boardman

Laura’s love for performing arts began at an early age when she spent 6 years at a local stage school. She studied singing, dancing and acting, and competed in dance for many years, but discovered her real passion had always been singing. She began studying her vocal technique in 2009, and started training to become a IVA-certified vocal coach.

Since then, her teaching experience has grown, teaching private lessons, children’s classes and choirs. Laura has taught at LIPA 4:19 and in several high schools. She used to gig in pubs and bars around Warrington and has performed numerous times in theatres across the North West. Laura has sung a range of genres, including musical theatre, pop, rock, country and classical.


Laura-Jane performing backing vocals on Chris Howarth‘s “Civil War”


Laura-Jane Boardman performing Chris Howarth‘s “How It Ends”