Daniel J. Logan

Daniel J. Logan is a freelance percussion player, drummer, recording engineer and producer.

After honing his skills at studios on London’s South Bank, he has been involved with everything from playing with the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra to recording the sound of flushing toilets! Brass bands, choirs and mobile phone ringtones as well as the world’s largest collection of American Hand Bells, a 150-year-old squeeze box and a tea set are all other things Dan has recorded during his career.

As a session musician playing his own unique percussion set-up as well as a more traditional drum kit, Dan has worked with many artists including Thea Gilmore, Emily Maguire, Rod Clements (Lindesfarne), Sam Hollyman and Ashley Fayth on record and in concert. Dan’s percussion kit and playing style are very in demand and he is always keen to work with new and emerging artists.

Dan started working full-time as a sound engineer and producer at Orchard Studios in Cheshire in 2005 before turning freelance in early 2009.

Playing drums, percussion and guitar, Dan has performed in and around the UK, the Isle of Man and New York. His session credits include performances on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Sky TV and a host of local BBC and commercial radio stations. Dan has produced and recorded many radio adverts aired on stations such as Liverpool City, Signal 1, Signal 2 and Smooth FM. This work has sometimes included performing as voice artist and session musician.

Since February 2013, Dan has been working with former BBC Radio Producer Dan Freeman’s production company Radio Static, with whom he won a Parsec Award for the critically acclaimed audio series The Minster of Chance, staring Julian Wadham, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Jenny Agutter.


Daniel J. Logan performing live on Ashley Fayth‘s “Don’t Weigh the Anchor”

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