Chris Howarth Releasing New Music

Oak Tree Music artist Chris Howarth’s fourth record, Another Northern Day, is out today!

Produced by Daniel J. Logan, this latest offering continues Chris’ trend of catchy hooks and engaging lyrics, with fellow Oak Tree Music performer Lara Simpson’s violin providing stand-out moments in the tracks ‘Worlds Collide’ and ‘How It Ends’.

Lara is not our only session player to feature on this record – Guitarist Jon Fellowes, drummer Daniel J. Logan and singer Laura-Jane Boardman are also performing!

There’s a wide collection of styles throughout the EP, all linked together by the imagery in Chris’ lyrics and Laura-Jane’s sublime backing vocals. From the gentle and contemplative ‘Burning Bridges’ to the rocking ‘Fragile’ via ‘Another Northern Town’, which, according to producer Dan, “was inspired by the synth sounds of the 80s, although we made our sound using electric violin”.

Chris’ new record also features the track ‘Soldier of the Queen’ (previously released as a single), which was written about the hardships of life for returning British soldiers and received extremely well upon its original release, with proceeds from sales going to the Armed Forces charity SSAFA.

This EP is the first of Chris’ to have been recorded at the newly rebuilt Orchard Studios in Cheshire. Having completed his first three records in the original studio complex, Chris told us that “the experience in the new studios was even better – Everything about the place is top notch”.

Another Northern Day is now available on Spotify.

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